Currency Codes

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Currency Codes have 2 functions in Experience. 

  • to identify the Currency for each transaction
  • and to determine what Bank Information should be shown on Documents.

Menu Path:  System Codes -> Currency Codes

Notes : 

- Experience uses a multiplier rate to convert foreign exchange rates. Example if USD rate is 0.8717, then if you enter 100 USD the system will convert this to 87.17 EUR.

- Experience can be setup to obtain the rate of exchange automatically. Contact us on if you wish to avail yourself of this function. Terms and Conditions apply on this service.

CodeThe Currency Code (example EUR, USD, GBP etc)
DescriptionCurrency Code Description / Name
Rate (Divisor)Enter the divisor value.
If local currency conversions are done by diving exchange rates, then enter the rate in this field and the system will automatically convert the rate into a multiplier rate.
Exchange RateThe rate of exchange (multiplier)
Last UpdatedDate when the Rate of Exchange was last updated

Bank Details (to show on Documents)

Upon selecting the Currency Code (top panel), the system will show the Bank Information (lower panel). This information will be displayed when generating Documents (ex Invoices, Credit Notes, Renewal Notices etc)

Bank NameName of the Bank (ex Bank of Valletta, or BNP Paribas)
AccountBank Account Number
IBANBank IBAN Number
SwiftSwift Code
SortSort determines how the bank codes are displayed on documents
Branch CodeShow this Bank Information for a specific Branch.
By default this is set to None.

Example I wish to show Bank Information A for

Branch Code ‘None’, and Bank Information B for Branch Code ‘North’.

Show AlwaysWhen ticked, the respective bank details will be shown on all documents irrespective if there is a branch code or otherwise.

Bank Information on Policies

Specific Bank Information can be set per Policy. This informaiton will be shown on all Documents when the respective policy type is used.

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