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A workflow is a series of interconnected steps or tasks that are performed in a specific order to achieve a particular goal or outcome.

Workflows are commonly used in various fields and industries to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent results. They can be simple or complex, involving both manual and automated tasks.

Here's a breakdown of the key elements and concepts related to workflows:

Steps or Tasks: Workflows consist of individual steps or tasks that need to be completed in a sequential manner. 

These tasks can be as straightforward as sending an email, reviewing a document, or as complex as designing a product or conducting scientific research.

Groups / Sequence: The tasks in a workflow are arranged in a specific order. 

Each task's completion triggers the start of the next task. The sequence ensures that the workflow progresses logically towards the desired outcome.

Workflow Calendar

A work-day calendar must be setup before you can use the Workflow System. A calendar is required for a minimum of 2 years, the current year and one future year. The calendar is created under Company Controls. 

The steps to create a calendar are the following:

  • Update the Vacation Days for the year you are about to update (as shown below)
  • Then input the Year and click on Create/Update Calendar. 

Note: If you are about to update more than one calendar year, ensure you check the vacation days (example Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Bridge Holidays, etc) before you create the new Calendar. 

Workflow Groups

Workflow items and processes are grouped into 5 main groups: 

  • Customers 
  • Suppliers 
  • Insurance 
  • Claims 
  • Jobs

The idea is to split and filter the processes and items when creating or using Workflows so that users will only see pertinent information. 

Example if a user wants to create a Customer Workflow, they will only have the option to choose a Workflow Process that is linked to the group Customers.

Workflow Items

 Workflow Items are the individual tasks that need to be carried out. A Workflow process normally has a number of tasks, and a task can be in one or more Processes.

Some examples would be: 

  • Collect and Scan Identification Document (ID Card or Passport or Driving License) 
  • Load Identification Document in Diary 
  • Run a Credit Check via ID Card or Company Registration Number 
  • Ensure you collect and scan a Claim Form before entering the information into the System. 
  • Check warranty and terms of trade. 
  • Collect additional information about Claim, including pictures, videos, warden reports etc 
  • Liase with Insurer on Claim A Workflow Item includes the following information

CodeAutomatic Workflow Item Number
DescriptionItem Description
GroupItem Group (Customers, Suppliers, Insurance or Claims)
CategoryItem Category is a learning box used to categorise Workflow items
NotesItem Notes that will be seen by the user when performing this Item. Here a detailed description of the item can be set to provide more information to the user when performing this task.
Attachment 1File that can be used or sent via email during the Workflow Process. 
Attachment 2File that can be used or sent via email during the Workflow Process.
Email TemplateAn email template that will be sent to a 3rd party (customer, supplier etc) during the Workflow Process.

Workflow Process

A Workflow Process defines a set of Items (tasks) that the user needs to perform to complete this process. 

During the Process, each Item will have a pre-set number of days to be completed. 

A process can include the same Item many times, and an Item can be linked to many Processes. 

An example is shown below:

In Experience this would be updated as shown below.

DescriptionWorkflow Process Description
GroupWorkflow Group
NotesDetailed notes about this workflow process
SMTP CodeSMTP credentials that will be used to send out emails for this process. Multiple email accounts can be setup (under Company Controls) and can be used to send out Workflow Emails.
ItemWorkflow Item that needs to be done
DaysNumber of Days required to complete this Item (task)
SequenceThe Sequence in which this item should be done

Using Workflows

Click on the Workflow Icon to start a Workflow process.  

The Workflow Process will allow you to choose the Workflow Processes that are available. 

Click on the Add Workflow button (top right). 

  • The system will automatically load the list of Items (tasks). 
  • Items are split into 3 sections: Active Process, Next Tasks, and Completed Tasks.
  • A Workflow can be linked to 2 users (Responsibility 1 and Responsibility 2)

On the Active Process, a user can do the following:

  • Complete or Skip the Process.
  • Email the process to the Customer/Supplier
  • Send an SMS text to the Customer/Supplier

Monitoring Workflows

 All Active Workflows are shown on the Users' Workplace and on the Company Workplace.

Worklows are split by:

  • Customers / Suppliers
  • Insurance
  • Claims
  • Jobs

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