New Company Setup - List of Tasks

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Once your Experience Cloud App account is setup, follow these steps to get started.

Company Controls

Menu Path: System Security → Company Controls

  • Update Company information (Name, Address, Email etc)
  • Check Financial Year and Period for each module
  • Nominal Accounts - Setup new Chart or Import
  • Company Nominal Accounts - Link default Nominal Accounts under Company Controls
  • Tax Codes - Setup Tax Codes as per VAT Return
  • Document Text and Logo - check and update Text and Logos
  • Email SMTP - Setup the default Email account under Email Settings. This email will be used to send out receipts, invoices, statements etc.
  • Currency Codes - setup and include Bank Details. Bank Details will show on Documents (Invoices, Statements etc ...)
  • Bank Codes - create and link to users

Policy Types

Menu Path: Insurance → Setup → Policy Types

This is required if the Insurance Module is active. Ensure that all Policy Types are checked.

  • Duty Rates and Duty Minimum Amounts
  • Admin (Broker/TII/Underwriter) fees & Admin Nominal Accounts
  • Flag which Policies are Renewable and Non-Renewable (example Travel)
  • Flag which Policies are Motor Policies (allows user to input License and Recovery Assistance amounts)
  • Update Policy Groups and Reports Groups. This ensures reports are grouped correctly.
  • Update Insurer Links and ensure commission rates, commission Nominal accounts, and Insurer fees are setup correctly to facilitate inputting when posting transactions. Note that fee amounts are default amounts and can be updated when posting transactions.

Inquiries and Transactions

The main daily functions are listed below.

  • Customer Inquiry to Post Transactions (Customers → Inquiries and Reports → Customer Inquiry) - From here you can Create new Policies, Receipts, Renew Policies, Post Policy Amendments etc …
  • Internal Deposits Reconciliation (Menu Path: Bank – Internal Deposits) – End of day summary of all cash and cheques collected or paid from Customers
  • Transport Malta Reconciliation – any Licenses posted in Experience will be automatically posted to the Transport Malta Supplier Account. (Menu Path: Suppliers – Process – Payments) and make a payment to reconcile this to the report issued from the TM system (eVera report).
  • Payments to Insurers (Menu Path: Suppliers – Processing – Payments) – use this function to select which transactions are to be paid to your insurers. Once you click on a transaction, the system will show you the amount owed by the customer, and the insurer invoice reconciliation details.
  • Reports – under each module browse to Inquiries and Reports to run the respective reports for your business. Example under Nominal you will find reports relating to Financial Information, such as Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet etc. Under Insurance you will find reports related to Insurance transactions, such as Premiums, Duty, Fees, Commissions etc …

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