Importing Agency Data File (Mapfre) into Experience

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This document explains how to import Transactions from an excel file received from an underwriter/insurer directly into Experience.

Preparing the Excel file

Log into the Mapfre System (Insfocus) to download the data file provided by Mapfre. 

The file should be in excel format.

Copy all the data (without headings and footers)

Experience Agency Data Import

Open Experience and go to the the facility: Insurance -> Processing -> Agents Transactions Import.

Highlight the first row and paste the data copied from Excel. 


Important: Check that the Year and Period correspond to the Transaction Dates.

Step 1 - Click on Paste Errors to see if there were any errors in data when pasting data into Experience.

Step 2 - Click on Check Data to validate the data to be imported. Any lines marked in Orange need to be resolved. Scroll to the right to see the reason why validation failed.

Step 3 - Once all data is verified, click on Import Data.

Codes Setup

Codes are used to translate system codes from an external system to Experience.

The codes are: 

- Direct

- Sub-Agents

- Transaction Types

These codes must be setup correctly for the Data Import to occur.


Non Intermediaries refers to the list of Intermediaries that are not sub-agents. These are the direct customers which are serviced and managed by the Agency.

This value is checked against the column Intermediary.

Example: North Example North Branch and East Branch are owned by the main Agency.


Sub-Agents are linked to specific Customer Accounts. During import, any transactions that are linked to Sub-Agents will be posted to the Sub-Agent Customer Account, and not the Customer Account.

This value is checked against the column Intermediary.

Note: During Import, transactions marked as Direct will be posted to the respective Customer Account, whilst transactions linked to Sub-Agents will be posted to the Sub-Agent Customer Account.

Transaction Types

Transaction Types are used to translate the Policy Transaction that is being imported.

This value is checked against the column Policy Transaction.

The system will update the ‘Transaction Type’ Column in the transaction list.


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