Importing or Updating Customer Information

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Use the Customers Import Function to Import and/or Update a list of Customers in Bulk.

Customers Import/Update

Menu Path:  Customers   Setup   Module Controls   Import Customers button

Prepare an excel sheet with the required information.

Do the following to import data into Experience:

  • Highlight the first row and paste the data from Excel.
  • Click on Paste Errors to see if there was any data omitted when pasting information
  • Click on Check Data to Verify the Data Sets. Any errors will be reported.
  • If there are no errors, select Import Data to import and update Customers.

Import Data Definition

Customer NumberUnique Customer NumberText
Customer NameCustomer Name and Surname or Company NameText
Address 1Address Line 1Text
Address 2Address LIne 2Text
Post CodePost CodeText
PhoneLand Line Phone NumberText
MobileMobile NumberText
EmailCustomer's Email Address
Use a semi-colon ; to enter multiple email addresses
WebsiteCustomer's Website URLText
ID/Company RegID Card Number or Company Registration NumberText
VAT NumberVAT NumberText
ResponsibilityUser who is responsible for this customer.
Values: NONE or a valid Username
Credit DaysNumber of DaysNumeric
Customer Group 1Code to Group Customers.
Normally this is used to group customers by Group of Companies
Customer Group 2Customer Group Code
Group code that is used for reporting purposes, example IT Company, or Sole Trader, or Mini-Market etc ...
Customer Group 3Customer Group Code
Group code that is used for reporting purposes.
Business CodeBusiness Code
Values: Must be created in the system first from Module Controls
Send StatementsSend Statements to Customer when sending statements in Bulk.
Values: YES or NO
BranchBranch Code
Branch Codes must be created in the system from Company Controls
StatusSystem Status
Values: A or I. A = Active, I = Inactive

Performing the Update

Pasting your Data from an Excel File

Once you copy your data from excel, switch to Experience and highlight the whole row and paste the data. You can use CTRL+V to paste your data.


1. Any fields which are left blank on the excel/import file won't be updated.

2. Highlight the whole row before pasting your data in Experience.

3. Customer Numbers which do not exist in Experience but exist in the excel file will be created as new customers. Thus to update existing data it is advisable to use and download to excel the Customer List. (Customers -> Setup -> Customers -> Customers List button)

Paste Errors

Click on the Paste Errors button to ensure that no data was not pasted from Excel to Experience. There might be data conversion errors, so it best to check this first.

Check Data

Click on Check Data to ensure that all the data is correctly updated.

Any errors will be highlighted in an Orange colour and the reason for failure will be shown at the end of the line.,

Import Data

Click on Import Data once all data is verified. 

The system will update the Customers information where data is present. Any fields that are left blank (nulls) will not be updated and will be ignored during the Import/Update Process.

Note that the system will add new customers and update existing customers when running this process.

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